Our second-hand clothes wholesale manages import, process and distribution of English second-hand clothings importjával, feldolgozásával, valamint értékesítésével foglalkozik.
Buying second-hand clothing: fashion and passion - this contributes to the success of our work and encourages us to meet today's challenges. Professional experience and our studies establish the faith and determination with which we work every day.

Creativity, expertise and our taste shape the import and sales path of second-hand clothes and our vision. We bear in mind the affordable prices, quality and uniqueness of pieces, what buyers like and are looking for. It is important that the clothes have something extra - daintiness, ferocity, romance.
We make the unique style elements, new brands and specialty products accessible to the Hungarian second-hand clothes loving community by supplying and serving English second-hand clothes dealerships!

Our company, founded in 2006, is dedicated to preserve our immediate and wider environment. Nothing proves this better than our philosophy: we strive to the multiple re-use of second-hand clothes: through our partners clothes are sent to countries where in certain instances this is the only solution.

Easyget Textile Ltd.

We sell from our second-hand clothes stock warehouses located in Budapest and rural cities: Szeged, Veszprém. Our relationship with our partners is based on cooperation and true teamwork.

In addition to Eastern European countries, we export to Africa and Pakistan. We are proud to say that both export parties are satisfied with our products. In Africa we personally witnessed the effectiveness of our sales.

Our warehouse in Budapest receives raw goods, where processing and qualification of goods occurs in teamwork, based on the experience and qualification of the staff.
We are driven to select manpower that is precise, has high load capacity, good tolerance of monotony. We provide them with any condition to perform at their best work.

Subsequently, a part of the finished goods is transported to our warehouse in Budapest, Szeged or Veszprem, and sold. Another part of the goods is exported to countries of Eastern Europe, Africa, and Pakistan.

We process nearly 120,000 kg of used clothing per month at the 2000 m2 site of our wholesale in Budapest.

We regularly donate second-hand clothes for people in need, associations of people with large families. We maintain an efficient and harmonious relationship with them.

To evolve and meet needs and ideas of our customers - these are our most important goals, the implementation of which we are all working on.

Company information

  • Company information: Easyget Textile Ltd.
  • Address: H-1186 Budapest, Besence utca 2.
  • VAT number: 13914972-2-43
  • EU VAT number: HU13914972
  • Back account HUF: Magyarországi Volksbank Zrt. 14100237-78978449-01000009
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