In accordance with the technology we developed, each time, sorting, grading and bagging of second-hand clothes follows precisely the same protocol.

We only process raw goods, do not buy a selection of used clothes. Following the demands of the market, we sort out clothes and textiles to more than 200 categories.

Through a learning process of many months our fellow workers learn about customer needs, which serves as the basis for the process of selection and compilation of clothes.

Our employee’s work is supervised regularly, our strict control is intended to make your own quality requirements imposed on us at all times.

A part of the selected second-hand clothes is sold in Hungary, and also in Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, the Baltic States. In addition, three containers of used clothes per month is exported mainly to West Africa and Pakistan.

Besides the second-hand clothes we sell cotton rag. Knitted goods recycling and plastic waste transfer is included in our activities as well.
Protection of the environment taken into account, we „produce” very little amount of trash or harmful materials: 99% of raw goods gets processed, plastic collection bags are also recycled, only 1% of the raw goods is the actual rubbish.

Overall, we aim to grant all assistace to our partners through transferring our experiences in the field of second-hand clothes wholesale.
We are proud that the majority of our customers are returning customers!

Together, by team-working and conveying our values, views, we shall be more successful; our customers choosing second-hand clothes will be satisfied and will choose us and our English used clothes again!

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