The mission of EasyGet

Our company has been dealing with second-hand clothing since 2006, exclusively processing raw materials, which are selected by hand and under strict quality control by our employees, sorted the clothes into more than 250 groups. We sell some of the already sorted clothes in Hungary and Romania. We also export to West Africa and Pakistan.


We process 250,000 kg of used clothes per month at our 3,000 m² site in Budapest.


In addition to selling second-hand clothing, we sell wiping cloth.


Our most important aspect in our development is the sustainable development and environmental awareness, as the textile industry is responsible for more than 5% of carbon emissions. We believe that second-hand clothing, not rags, can give us a chance to reduce the environmental impact of the clothing industry. Today, in the UK alone, 2 tonnes of clothes are bought every minute and 11 million pieces of clothes are thrown away every week. At the same time, the amount of pollutants emitted by buying a white shirt is as much as if we had covered 56 kilometers by car and the water required to produce an average T-shirt is 2,700 liters.


By recycling and reusing second-hand clothes multiple times, we can help reduce garbage, reduce emissions and reduce the purchase of new ones.



Zoltán Kovács


Zoltán Gál

Plant Manager

Krisztina Bognár

Head of Quality Control Department

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